The Luxury Boudoir Experience

Your Boudoir Experience Starts Here


Meet with your photographer

Planning Your Session

We talk a lot about creating a session that’s all about you. So the obvious place to start is to get to know you!

Before committing to a session, we want to make sure you have an opportunity to meet your photographer in person and have all your questions answered. This meeting is always free whether you decide to schedule a session or not.

During our meeting you’ll have the opportunity to plan the specifics of your shoot, get your hands on our sample materials, discuss pricing details, and answer any of your questions about the experience. Most importantly, we’ll both get the chance to learn a little bit about each other so you can feel comfortable and confident the day of your session.

We believe this is a crucial first step in building an experience that’s unique to you, because of that we do require a planning meeting before all bookings.


“Most importantly, I walked away from the experience feeling better and more confident about myself and my body than when I went in.”

- Miss L


Your Perfect Boudoir Experience

The Day of your Shoot

Our best photos happen when you’re feeling comfortable and relaxed.

While most people feel nervous at first, our goal is the day of your session to feel more like a day at the spa. With this goal in mind, your day with us is exactly that - your day. We don’t schedule anyone else that day, and we won’t put arbitrary time limits on your session. Regardless of whether you like to get through it quickly or savor your experience, we’ve got you covered.


Professional Hair & Makeup

Your session includes professional hair and makeup so that you don’t need to stress about what look will work best. All you have to do is relax with a mimosa while our experienced stylist brings out your best.


Outfit Advice

You can have up to 4 different looks for your shoot, but if you’re not sure which ones you like best, bring extra options and we’ll help you pick! Not sure where to start? We can help with suggestions before your session too.


Expert Posing Guidance

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! You don’t have to worry about knowing what to do with your hands or how you should stand. We blend your unique personality with our experience to make a session that’s unique to you.

Everything above is included with your session price of $325



“Whenever I look at the pictures of myself it makes me feel good and empowered. It’s a big self confidence booster for sure!”

- Miss K


The Grand Reveal

Remembering Your Experience

Product-001 1.jpg

If you thought you felt great walking out on the day of your session, wait until you come back for your reveal!

After your session, we’ll schedule your own personal viewing party. You’ll get to look through all your edited pictures and decide which ones are your favourite.

We offer a variety of high quality keepsakes to help you remember your experience including albums, acrylic stand prints, wall art and digitals.

Albums are by far our most popular product and we want to ensure they are created exactly the way you want them. If you choose an album as part of your order, we’ll design and customize it together that same day so there’s no surprises when it arrives.

There is something special in being able to hold a physical memento of your experience in your own hands. Whether your photos are a gift for someone else or a reminder to yourself, we believe they are something you’ll be able to treasure for years to come.


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